In order to provide a better understanding of the ballot issues presented on August 6th, we have included common questions below.

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The facility will be Multi-Functional!

  • Indoor Aquatic Facility
  • Community Center Rooms
  • Home of the Senior Center
  • Convention Space
  • Basketball, Volleyball and Pickleball Courts
  • Fitness Area
  • Party Rooms
  • Indoor Playground

The Senior Center is an important asset for the citizens of our community. Including it in the Community Center will provide a modern facility, in a convenient location, with great access and help to create a well-rounded community center for all. It also allows those utilizing the senior center access to additional services the community center provides. This will also allow for a state of the art kitchen to allow the Senior Center to continue to provide meals within the facility and their home delivery to senior citizens within all of Pettis County.

Visit the sos.mo.gov website to register online, register in person at the Pettis County clerk’s office, DMV or any state agency providing this service to the public.

None of the 1/8 cent sales tax dollars will go to storm drainage. All dollars will go towards building the community center. The ballot language mentions stormwater because the ordinance states the wording. Council has ensured that all funds will go to paying the principle of the bond to construct the community center.

The Sedalia Parks Department will operate and maintain the center. Operational costs will be covered by user fees. These fees have been researched thoroughly to ensure that they are fair and comparable to other communities and so the community center can operate efficiently and meet the needs of the community.

The City of Sedalia will utilize a bond to pay for the community center. The principle payments to repay the bond will be made utilizing proceeds from the 1/8 cent sales tax and the Capital Improvements Tax. The interest will be paid as a contribution to the project by Sue Heckart.

  • Adult Basketball League
  • Adult Swim Lessons
  • Aqua Camp
  • Aquafit
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Babysitting Classes
  • Ballroom Dancing
  • Basketball Clinics
  • Beginner Bridge
  • Beginner Sewing Machine
  • Beginning Watercolor
  • Blood Drives
  • Camps
  • Cards! Cards! Cards!
  • Chair Volleyball
  • Cooking Classes
  • Dodgeball
  • Family Game Night
  • Family Olympics
  • First Aid and CPR Classes
  • Fix Your Freestyle
  • Floral Classes
  • Foreign Language Class
  • Fun & Free
  • Game Night with the Claus Family
  • Gross Out Olympics
  • Healthy Eating Classes
  • Holiday Hoopla Tournament
  • Home School PE
  • Homeschool Swimmers
  • Indoor Instructional Tennis Clinic
  • Indoor Triathlon
  • Junior Chefs
  • Junior Community Chorus
  • Karate
  • Kids Night In
  • Latin Dance Class
  • Line Dancing
  • Mini Chefs
  • Mini Munchkin Camp
  • Model Car Classes
  • Monthly Social Dances
  • Out of School Days
  • Paddle Fitness
  • Pickleball Tournaments
  • Plant Care Basics
  • Preschool Play Days
  • Scrapbooking
  • Sedalia’s Got Talent
  • Sign-Language
  • Spades Tournament
  • SPEED Clinic
  • Spooky Sleepover
  • Sports of All Sorts
  • Square Dancing
  • Teen Takeover
  • Teen & Tween Dances
  • Ukrainian Egg Dying
  • 1/8 cent sales tax that will be used to pay for the principal on the bond to build the Heckart Community Center. Currently, the sales tax for parks and recreation is 3/8 cent and will increase to ½ cent with the additional 1/8 cent.
  • Remove the capital improvement ½ cent sales tax sunset planned for June 30, 2026 to assist in building the community center.

QUESTION: “Shall the City Council of the City of Sedalia, Missouri be authorized to remove the June 30, 2026 sunset provision from its existing capital improvement sales taxes in the amount of one-half of one percent, for the purpose of funding capital improvements, including the operation and maintenance of capital improvements, which may include the retirement of debt or other obligations previously authorized by the City?

  • * Yes
  • * No

If you are in favor of the question, darken in the oval opposite “Yes”.
If you are opposed to the question, darken in the oval opposite “No”.

QUESTION: “Shall the municipality of Sedalia impose an increase to a sales tax, from 3/8 of 1% to ½ of 1% for the purpose of providing funding for local parks and stormwater control for the municipality of Sedalia?

  • * Yes
  • * No

If you are in favor of the question, darken in the oval opposite “Yes”.
If you are opposed to the question, darken in the oval opposite “No”.”

The deadline is July 10th for regular registration.

Absentee ballots will be mailed on June 21 to military and June 25 to all other residents. Ballots must be returned to the Pettis County Clerk’s office by 5 pm on August 5th. They can be mailed or hand delivered to the courthouse, but cannot be turned in at any polling location.

In order for this to pass, 50% of voters must vote yes.

Convention Hall will continue to be used by Sedalia Parks and Recreation with camps, rentals, dance, gymnastics, dog obedience, and other programming. It will not be torn down.

City of Sedalia registered voters will be able to vote from 6 am to 7 pm on Tuesday, August 6th, locations are Convention Hall, First Baptist Church, New Hope Baptist Church and the Celebration Center. County residents are unable to vote on this issue.

Anyone and everyone will be able to use the community center, whether they live in the city, county or are visiting from out of town.

Everyone. This Community Center will be utilized by our senior population, youth, teens, families and citizens of all ages.

Removing the sunset will allow for a steady source of revenue to allow the City of Sedalia to hold the bond for the construction of the community center. This tax is already in place and is not an increase.

Sue Heckart is bringing her parents’ dream of a community center in Sedalia to life with her extremely generous donation of paying the interest on the bonds the city will use to build the center. Without her generosity, the community center would not come to reality.

The location is central to Sedalia with great visibility for those coming in and out of town on a daily basis. Also, the original goal of the Jennie Jaynes Foundation was to provide recreation to the community. This community center is continuing the legacy of the foundation.

Since the entire community, including people from out of town will utilize the community center, it is appropriate that the cost be shared by everyone, not just property owners.

No. The parks will not be neglected because of the community center. The parks department has a 20 year master plan in place that will continue with the current budget. Improvements, and most importantly, maintenance will continue in all our parks, while the Community Center will be built with the sales tax proceeds and operated through user fees.

Yes. Just as the Parks department currently runs all their other facilities there will be a minimal user fee to help pay for the operating expenses of the facility through user fees, rentals, and concessions. Thorough research has been done to ensure that fees are equal or less than community centers in:

  • Columbia
  • Warrensburg
  • Belton
  • Gladstone
  • Harrisonville
  • Jefferson City YMCA
  • Lee’s Summit
  • Liberty
  • Marshall YMCA

Discounts will be available for senior citizens and annual memberships. Users are also able to pay by the day.

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Vote YES YES on August 6th or Vote Absentee from June 21st to Aug 5th!